It is my hope that you will allow me the privelege of reading for you.  I will not always tell you what you want to hear, but I  will always be straight with you about what information I get for you.  If information comes up that is not to your liking, I encourage you to remain open and receptive.   Angels are very perceptive and when they provide us with disappointing information, they ALWAYS share information on how you may improve the situation or create a happier outcome for yourself.  Many times that information is how you  can change within yourself to create your own positive outcome. 

I want to advise you that I will not tune in to provide  you with a medical  diagnosis or medical advice.  That is best left to medical professionals.   However, there are times when my angels may provide suggestions on ways to improve your overall health and well being.  This is in no way intended to replace medical advice or treatment by your personal physician. 

In my readings, my angels and I work to support you in empowering yourself.  We will not tell you what actions to take or what decisions to make.  We will provide insights and help you in the process of making choices and decisions for yourself.  My angels constantly remind me that they can support us in our lives, but they cannot live our lives for us. 

It is my sincere wish to help and support you in your growth and progress.  I will assist you with the utmost compassion and integrity.  

Rest assured that all sessions are held in complete confidentiality. Please be aware that if I feel you are a danger to yourself or others, my responsibility as a counselor will override confidentiality and I will  contact approprriate officials to advise them of threats to the safety of any individual.

You can reach me at:

500 W. 123rd. Ave.
Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: (720) 581-8074